Sj is the “inked” half of the team. Her tattoos are a very personal journey and all have significance which goes far beyond their physical representation.
A British-Australian, Sj was born in Dorking, Surrey, England, to a Londoner of German descent and his Australian wife. The cultural mix ensured that her early experiences included much travel, and led to a lifelong love of the open road. Her parents’ passion for art and literature also instilled a lifelong curiosity in her about art in all its forms.
Sj has been making up stories since trying to convince her teachers that the dog did, in fact, eat her homework. After having written fan fiction for approximately ten years, in 2005 she decided to start writing her own original stories populated by characters who rarely have the easy answer, and usually go about winning their hearts’ desires in all the wrong ways. She writes offbeat romance, tongue-in-cheek thrillers and blog entries about life and the kooky things that happen.
Since 2009 she has been thinking about ‘crossing the streams’, so this blog is the first foray into a brave new world and will embrace ink through writing and pictures, both moving and still.

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