The youngest of five children, Mel Hagopian was affectionately known by her Upstate New York family, as “The Caboose”.  At age 3, being much younger than the rest of her clan, she developed a passion for reading books, story telling and playing music …with her imaginary friends.

After a successful foray in the music business, Mel put away her flute and forged her way into the creative world of developing and writing for television and film. The unexpected death of one of her sisters led to great personal reflection, and subsequently to the focus of her first novel: love and family.

My Ink Project is a result of Mel’s desire for a “happy place”, where she and others could visit, write freely, create videos, and inspire one another. The result is a colorful “Eden of Ink”, where one can go when they are bored, blue, or blocked.

Mel has no tattoos, but since she now lives in New Jersey, sees plenty of them daily.

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