InkStanding by my bed

In Gold sandals
Dawn that very
moment awoke me
Poem by: Sappho, 6th Century BC

It happened again. The familiar spark of creative energy flashed in my brain, and screamed at me with urgency, “Tell SJ that we need to write about INK!!!!!”
This is how it all began, and within hours, “My Ink Project” was born.

I must admit, I have always attracted colorful individuals into my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, color fascinates me. It invokes emotions, stirs memories, and entice the senses. Colorful “ink” – so simple, yet complex.

The Chinese produced recipes for ink in the 18th Century BC, most likely with a delicious noodle dish, and over time, various world cultures refined the original “secret recipe”. Toxic, non-toxic, indelible, non-colorfast, ink can contain everything from burnt bones and wine, to walnut oil and glue. It can fill a poison pen, and grace the pages of a seductive love letter.

Ink reacts chemically with paper, canvas, skin. Cephalopods manufacture it as a protective fluid, chefs use it to color pasta, of which consumers pay copious amounts of cash to consume. Hollywood stars succumb to it for publicity, and ink has penned movies, CD’s, TV series, and even named a Marvel comic book character.

Ink. I love it. It colors my world. I pray it colors your’s as well, and that you may spend many happy hours creeping the pages of “My Ink Project”.

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