The Ship’s Cat

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Apr 5th, 2016
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I live on a boat.

Ship in question

Ship in question

But this is not about me, it’s about who I share my life with.

The ship’s cat.

Fangs for the memory!

Fangs for the memory!

I live alone, and Solly (my cat) is who I come home to.

Now people have asked me how my cat deals with being on a boat. Clearly they have this impression that cats and water don’t mix.

Cat and Boat getting on just fine...

Cat and Boat getting on just fine…

Well cats have been going to sea in one way or another for centuries.

Solly treats it as his personal playground. There are surfaces to be lounged on.

And cubby holes to hide in.

There are soft mattresses.

Cat lounging

Cat lounging

And endless cushions.

Then there is feeding time. I am staff to a cat. My only objection is that, nowhere, in any cookbook I can find is the instruction “feed cat first’.

Cats have this way of adapting to any living situation, and truthfully cats are better than dogs on a boat. Especially if you want to go anywhere.

When I began this adventure, I wasn’t exactly sure what I expected, and I wasn’t sure any of this would work out, but Solly took to life afloat as though he was born to it. His sea legs are more nimble than mine (things sway, you know when the tide changes and when you look along the pontoon, no you are not drunk the walkway really is swaying and rolling with the waves) and he has claimed every surface as though it was his own.

So when people ask me how my cat does on my boat… the answer is ‘just fine’.

Everyone is, apparently, a music critic!

Everyone is, apparently, a music critic!

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