Went the Day well?

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Sep 4th, 2014
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On 6 February 1918, The Times newspaper published Four Epitaphs written by the English Classicist, John Maxwell Edmonds. The second of these, Went the Day Well?  became the title of a World War II film, otherwise known as The Battle of Bramley End, a fictional, apocryphal tale of a German invasion of Britain.

Went the day well?

We died and never knew.

But, well or ill,

Freedom, we died for you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my father lately. Amongst other things, my dad was a Normandy Veteran. Acting Sergeant in The Royal Corps of Signals. He never spoke much about what he did in the War. In fact, beyond the German Field Glasses (embossed with the Nazi Eagle) which he took from a German officer, a Corps of Signals cap badge, and the four medals he was presented with for his Service… that was pretty much the extent of Dad’s War Story. My father was one of the most emotionally intelligent men I have ever met. Through Dad I learned more about life and people than either Mum or Education were able to teach me.



Through Dad, I developed a love for War Movies, and Military History, mostly centred around the Second World War. This June was the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

Dad survived the war. As you have probably gathered, since I was born over twenty years after he landed on Normandy beach. Designation: Sword.

I had my Dad for twelve years, before a terrible disease took him away.

Every day I see a new Ice Bucket Challenge. And it breaks my heart all over again. On the one hand I am incredibly grateful that the mainstream finally recognises this disease.

On the other hand, it hurts like hell that I’ve known this disease and what it does for third-seven years. So sometimes when I see another person douse themselves in icy water, I honest to goodness want to shout at the screen. I truly can’t explain my reaction to this, other than even thirty-seven years later I still miss my dad every day.

So, beyond giving money to ALS, I could empty a bucket over my head, or I could do something more long lasting, something that expresses my love for my Dad, and my gratitude to him, and the thousands of others who risked it all for Freedom. Today my journey into ink took another step.

Went the Day well,

Went the Day well,


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