An Anecdotal Tribute

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Aug 18th, 2014
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Ruby at 25My sister Ruby departed planet Earth on August 16, 2009. Her premature death hit me hard and left me empty, angry, and questioning why she had to be the one to inherit a defective heart?


Last year, I published “Remembrance,” the tribute I wrote for her funeral day, but for whatever reason, the 5th anniversary of her passing made me reflect on a moment in time when I was a precocious pre-teen, and decided that my sister needed a new love in her life.


It all started when I became obsessed with Tiger Beat Magazine and discovered boys. Of course, being musical, I loved The Partridge Family television show, and decided that Ruby should date Keith Partridge, aka David Cassidy.


It didn’t matter that he lived in California and we lived in Upstate New York. My sister was beautiful and smart, and played the piano very well. They’d be perfect together!


I was always teasing her about her name. Ruby was not a popular name when she was born. Johnny Cash’s song, “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town,” didn’t help her any with me around. Of course, it could have been worse. If our parents had named her “Herupsima,” the Armenian equivalent of Ruby, she may not have been as popular at school. Cool girl, cool name. I don’t need to say anymore. She was blessed and named Ruby Marie.


One day, my new issues of TB announced a fantastic contest. My heart started racing as I read, “WIN A DATE WITH DAVID CASSIDY!” Cha-ching! David and Ruby would finally meet. I was certain of it. They would fall in love and have beautiful babies together.


Being resourceful, I found Ruby’s high school graduation picture and sent it off to Hollywood with the form from the magazine. A “fan” letter declaring Ruby’s love for David and why he should select her for a luncheon date was included. I gushed about how much she loved his voice and that since she had never been to California, it would be a wonderful experience for them both!


Of course, I failed to tell her about the contest until about two months later, when she received a consolation letter and autographed picture of David in the mail. She and our mom cornered me when I came home from school that day. It was really a funny moment in time. My mom was laughing as she chastised me for impersonating my sister.


Ruby wasn’t angry with me. In fact, we all took turns finding fault with the blonde bimbo that won the contest, and decided that the name Ruby probably scared him off. Our Armenian last name was far too exotic for a Cassidy.


Or was it??


Flash forward a decade or so from that day, and Ruby did become Ruby Cassidy!! Her husband was Donald, not David, and although he passed away in 1999, they spent many happy years together. I loved my brother-in-law and was devastated when he lost his Cancer battle.


I never thought about the Cassidy connection until the other day, when David Cassidy’s photo popped up on a Google search for my sister’s graduation photo. I started to laugh, and knew that this year, I would remember my sister as she was when we were young and full of life.


What would have happened if she had won that contest? We will never know, but I’m sure she is shaking her head at this post and laughing at my silly tribute. I miss you, dear sister, and want you to know that David did not age well, so you were better off with the Cassidy you found on your own.


My Imaginary Couple

My Imaginary Couple











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