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Oct 28th, 2011
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It is that time of year again. The chances are that if you are a writer, any kind of writer, you will have considered this. October is the month where every writer I know is twitching.

Nanowrimo is coming.


Yes. That’s National Novel Writing Month. 30 days. 50,000 words. Several metric tonnes of coffee, most of it black. Worldwide, several thousand perfectly normal people begin spontaneously quivering with nerves, or fidgeting anxiously with the need to get started.

Notes. Character bios. Research. All sorts of stuff.

Right now, I am sitting here, a notebook crammed with stuff, loose papers with tips, tricks, clues, all sorts of research in piles around me. I have a shopping bag, filled with paper that relates purely to Nanowrimo. Not any old Nanowrimo either, just this one, 2011.

Two days, and something in the order of twenty hours, and away we go.

I’ve been here before, three times. 2008 was my first real attempt. I announced my candidacy and promptly ran like a mad woman for the finish line. I topped out at approximately 56,000 words in 28 days. So I know it can be done.

Those partaking of Nano will sort of turn wild in the next few days. Things like dress sense, hairdos, make up etc tend to get abandoned or become less relevant. One entrant has bought herself a pair of jeans that she plans to wear for the next 30 days (Implying, slightly disturbingly that she either doesn’t plan to sleep next month). Partakers also become more twitchy than ever. I have absolutely no doubt that I am going to mistake the gravy for coffee in moments of absent-mindedness, and I have absolutely no doubt that I will, at some point, snap at somebody for distracting me from my task.

My novel has been brewing for a lot of years. Recent developments led me to finally get a handle on all my characters and their motivations. The story is about a lot of things, but mostly it is about being middle-aged and the way life happens sometimes. Figuring things out is the theme of the the story.

Starting Tuesday, I will be immersed in words. I may be snappy. I will get frustrated. Very occasionally I will shout at people. You should in no way take this personally, at this point, most folk should have understood that in addition to being eccentric and flamboyant, I am also grumpy and middle-aged.

All things being equal I will emerge the other side, with in excess of 50,000 words, and the grounding of the first novel in a series of four that run under the title, Captured By The Game.

There is a huge, grandiose, and very scary plan attached to this novel. You could say that Nano will set in motion a chain of events that will change the way we look at certain things. Rain Falls has already changed my thinking on the art of creation, reaching an audience and indeed the whole concept of creation and ownership.

The current state of the Indie Market, the battle to be seen amongst an explosion of books and the various outlets that are simultaneously helping and hindering the process of reaching the audience, all of these have to play a part in where we go from here. Specifically, I am thinking in terms of where I am going, how I am going to get there, who is (hopefully) going to come along for the ride with me, how ownership and creation will be shared.

The crux of an advertisement gave me the original idea, Creative Commons took me the rest of the way, the book is but the first step. But it is a first step that I must take to bring sanity and order to my plan.

Out of nuttiness, comes sanity.

Yeah… right!!

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