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Apr 3rd, 2011
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A slight SNAFU in the tattoo department got me thinking. All the times things have not panned out according to the plan, but after initial panic have turned out better than expected.

All because something went wrong.

So, I am something of a screw-up. I had it fixed in my head that my appointment was on Thursday. It was on Wednesday… so re-fixed for Friday, and then my tattooist is ill. So, re-booked for the 3rd of May… Maneki Neko, the cutest little beckoning cat.

Maneki Neko

So my lack of tattoo on Friday lead to two good things, and they lead to several more good things. Suddenly, I was time-rich. This almost never happens. Then, I managed to get the perfect Mother’s Day present for my mother.

I did stuff on Friday, which left me free on Saturday to goof off a little. It was also an opportunity to de-crud and de-girlyfy the car.

This is a ritual that has to be carried out every once in a while. There are many subtle levels of stuff in my car. I tend to grab the post on my way to go shopping, which gets dumped on the passenger seat. Eventually, either someone wants to sit in that seat, or I get fed up with stuff falling off. So it gets airfreighted into the back seat. By this time the pile has become looser, and if I even dab at the brakes, the whole lot falls on the floor.

Naturally, eventually the back seat becomes full of ‘stuff’.

I have guests in a couple of weeks.

In my defence, there were only two Starbucks takeaway cups on the floor.

The presence of guests also prompts me to de-girlyfy. I make no apologies. I am a girl, so the back seat is crammed with teddy bears, and cute cushions. It has been my experience that male guests feel distinctly uncomfortable travelling in what has been described as the inside of a chocolate box. Since the guests are exclusively male, it seemed a good time (now that I have it) to remove the girly stuff too.

Duly de-crudded, and teddies banished, today I turned my attentions to the outside. All clean and shiny again.


All of which left sufficient daylight to capture the wonders of the family Magnolia at its spectacular best.

SNAFU? Well maybe… but it can lead to some great places.


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