My Inner Ink: Hate

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Apr 14th, 2011
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The Tattoos on My Soul

Part 6: Hate



“It will be our little secret,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Take them, your mother won’t know. Hide them,” he whispered.


“Just one little kiss,” as he slipped his tongue into her young mouth.

“Keep them,” she replied.


She pushed him away and leapt out of the car, and hurried to brush her teeth.


A 12- year old wise to a pedophile.


The only hate she would ever truly know.



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  • Cloudberry

    ….a subject too close to home for me….this Part scared me to death. To this day….I would do things to a person who hurts children…things that only God could judge me for. I need to step back from reading for a moment…collect my thoughts.

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