My Inner Ink: Sadness

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Feb 11th, 2011
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The Tattoos on My Soul: Part 2

Scene1: “Dead Man Walking”

A long, sterile hallway, an armed guard by my side. My brother walks beside me, pushing a wheelchair. This walk seems endless, like someone’s last mile. I joke about feeling a bit like Sean Penn.

Scene 2: “The Terminator”

A small, cold room. “Have a seat. I’ll be back.” A moment becomes an eternity.

The gurney enters, we take a deep breath. Close our eyes, clear our senses, we all must face death.

Scene 3:  “The Cardinal”

A walk to her new room. She was strong and refused to sit in the chair. We stopped and admired the red cardinal that stared. The symbol of our mother. She smiled a Mona Lisa smile, and carried on.

Cardinal in Corridor

My mother's alter ego

A lousy room mate, a pain in her chest. A wince as she lay back in bed . We said our farewells, “Next crew arrives in a flash! See you on Sunday.”

Scene 4:  “The Verdict”

“Do not blame yourself”

“I don’t, can’t you see? No one should die alone.”

“It’s what she wanted. She was tired.”

They all make excuses, but, they were not there.

They are the guilty ones.

Scene 5: “A New Tattoo”

A stain on my soul. Black and blue etched deep. The core of an onion, exposed.

My colors have faded, ROY G BIV, with a twist.

I stand here, naked and bare.

Nothing,  but nothing,

yes, nothing….

Will ever compare,

to the glassy brown eyes

of my dead sister’s stare.


My heart cries,

“This, is sadness.”                                             (Read Part 3:Ecstasy)

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