My Inner Ink: Ecstasy

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Feb 13th, 2011
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The Tattoos on My Soul: Part 3 “Ecstasy”

I found ecstasy in a package of excellent coffee. You know what I’m talking about. That amazing aroma that fills your senses with a delicious vision of a steaming cup-o-joe. The rapture is most intense when the package is new. I could hardly wait to sip the sweet nectar, and watch the sun bask its first morning glow over Manhattan.

Sunrise Over Manhattan

Eat your heart out Sarah Palin, I can see the sun rise over New York City from MY kitchen window.

I found ecstasy listening to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”, with Leonard Slatkin conducting the Saint Louis Symphony. A recoding that trumps all others, and has repeatedly sent me on a spiritual journey, into complete aural bliss. The quiet beginning and faint caressing end, serve as tender bookends to what lies between. A sad, sensual story, filled with tension and release, builds to a climax, then retracts, in defeat.

Move along, online porn, you can never compete. Pure ecstasy is not always  “Rated X”.

I found ecstasy as I touched my baby’s soft skin. Small fingers with such a tight grip, a tender behind, and a soft chubby thigh.

An Eternal Bond

Extreme maternal emotions, raced through my soul, as this tiny being, captured my needy heart. Like no other feeling, this wonderful bond, of old and new skin, of innocence pressed against my experienced breast.


Burn in Hell evil doers, who starve, maim, abuse, these precious gifts from heaven, leave our children unbruised.

I found ecstasy in a dark chocolate ganache, which coated the top of a Devil’s Food cupcake. Fresh from Crumb’s bakery, so decadent and sweet. Its smooth textured firmness against the creamy white filling, produced uncharted delight. A taste that I long for on a lonely Winter’s night.

Sorry Betty Crocker, Miss Hostess, Mr. Drake. Forget it, Little Debbie, my taste buds can wait.


Chocolate Ecstasy


I smell, hear, touch and taste these tattoos  on my soul. My very own brand of Ecstasy.

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