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Feb 20th, 2011
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Finally, I have my eight words. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it has been to get as far as this. Just eight words to represent me.

I asked a few friends for three words each.

Some, clearly fearing for the consequences of encouraging me, declined to answer.

Others, of somewhat more resigned demeanor, knew that was a waste of time and dug deep in their dictionaries. Afterall, I have never required the slightest encouragement to do something outrageous.

Many suggestions were put forward. Mercifully, I only needed eight, so some of the more annoying offerings were easy to reject.

Needless to say, From Another Planet did not make the cut.

(I shall sneak up on you when you least expect it… I am like the Spanish Inquisition….)

The words that did make the cut were actually easy to select, because I got nine and I needed eight. Ink being somewhat self-evident, I went for the others.

Beautiful (if you say so, hunny…), Loving, Inspiring, Dragon, Chaos, Colourful, Brave, Determined.

Proof not so much of my virtues, but more that I have excellent taste in friends!

Duly forwarded to Garalt, who is a total star, as well as being something of a Renaissance Man… and I await the results with bated breath!

Okay…. I am seriously excited.

With grateful thanks to Tash, Angela and Jase… I love you all, dearly.

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