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Feb 9th, 2011
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-noun 1. the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

So I am looking forward to something that is designed for me by people who “get” me. It is going to be a fantastic journey.

2. (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.


Very broadly speaking, the world can be divided into those who do and those who do not like tattoos. I happen to like them. To me, every single one of my tattoos is an individual expression of art in its simplest, yet most wonderfully complex, form. And each is deeply meaningful to me, in its own way.

So when a wonderfully artistic and talented friend of mine suggested that he could create an Archetype and unique alchemic tattoo design for me, based upon eight words selected by friends to describe me… well, naturally I leapt at the chance.

Then I thought: why not take this process a little further? Why not share this creative process, from its conception all the way to the finished article? Write about it, photograph it, film it?

But where to put the completed design? Bearing in mind that I wanted to be able to film this, so revealing too much flesh is OTQ (we want this website to be viewable by everyone – X-rated content is not on the cards), I needed somewhere that would be a large enough area to make an interesting story, but somewhere which would still preserve a little modesty.

My Left Leg.

Specifically, the space between my tribal barb-wire around my ankle (more on that tattoo later) and my knee.

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